Todd Gurley says he holds ‘no hard feelings’ about Rams not paying him

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LOS ANGELES—Todd Gurley apparently was not completely surprised that the Los Angeles Rams decided to cut him, and the running back said “there’s no hard feelings” about payment he was still waiting on from his former team.

Gurley, now a member of the Atlanta Falcons, said Friday on the “Fox Football Now” television show that he always weighed his options after every season.

“I’m never naive to any situation,” Gurley said during an interview with Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson. “I always see what can and what can’t happen, and then always try to see what’s best for me.

“So it’s just like planning for the future. Sometimes you don’t want to but you just got to do it just … so you can prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.”

Gurley, the 2017 NFL offensive player of the year, received a $60-million extension from the Rams before the 2018 season. He helped the team reach the Super Bowl despite being sidelined and then slowed by a left knee injury late in the season. In 2019, he rushed for a career-low 857 yards.

The Rams cut Gurley on March 19, the day before he would have received $10.5 million in bonuses. He agreed to terms with the Falcons on March 20.

“Everybody was calling me, congratulating me,” Gurley said. “I didn’t really even like got time to think about the Rams situation. It just happened so fast everybody was just showing love and support.”

Gurley played in college at Georgia. He said he was happy to join a Falcons team that includes stars such as receiver Julio Jones, quarterback Matt Ryan and former Rams edge rusher Dante Fowler.

“Julio came over to the house as soon as I got cut by the Rams, so we chopped it up and I was telling him how I was trying to get there,” said Gurley, who agreed to terms on a one-year, $5.5-million contract.

Gurley said he still has not taken a physical but was not worried.

“I was able to still finish out the season strong,” he said. “Played in 15 out of 16 games. I’m pretty sure they’re not worried about it as much as I’m not worried about it.”

Because of offset language in his Rams contract, the Rams still owe Gurley $5.5 million. On Wednesday, Gurley intimated on Twitter that payment was “past due.” Linebacker Clay Matthews, who also was cut and is owed $2 million, retweeted Gurley and wrote “You and me both TG!”

The Rams declined to comment after the players tweeted Wednesday. But a person with knowledge of the situation said the Rams were abiding by language that is standard in all of the team’s contracts.

Gurley sounded lighthearted Friday when asked how he left things with the Rams. He said he was “waiting on my money” and was supposed to be paid March 30.

“That’s one thing I know, when my money’s supposed to come,” he said. “But it’s all good. Once my money comes then, you know, we’ll get it settled right there.

“But it’s no hard feelings. If you know how I am, you know how I am. I like to joke. I got too much time on my hands right now so … I like to have fun.”

Gurley added that the Rams should “just go ahead and wire the funds. They got my direct deposit.”

At the end of the segment, he joked, “Hey Rams, I need my money by Monday.”


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