Roger Goodell voluntarily reduces salary to $0, other NFL employees take pay cuts, furloughs

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Roger Goodell is taking a massive pay cut in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But don’t worry too much about the commissioner’s ability to handle his finances during the crisis.

Goodell, who makes more than $30 million a year from salary and bonuses, voluntarily cut his salary to $0 in an effort to help with the league’s cost-cutting measures, according to the Associated Press.

All other NFL employees have been subject to either pay cuts or furloughs depending on position, per a memo sent around the league acquired by NBC on Wednesday.

“During this time, one goal has been to maintain pay and benefits for our workforce for as long as possible,” Goodell said in the memo. “It is clear that the economic effects will be deeper and longer lasting than anyone anticipated and that their duration remains uncertain.

“While we continue to prepare for a full 2020 season of NFL football, we also need to manage in a responsible way, adopting a flexible approach that responds to the current conditions in a way that minimizes the risk to our employees, our clubs, and the NFL’s business.”

The league plans to roll out pay cuts based on tier of position: 5% for manager level, 7% for directors, 10% for vice presidents, 12% for senior vice presidents and 15% for executive vice presidents. Employees will also continue to receive their health benefits.

“The NFL is not immune to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and it is our obligation to take responsible steps to protect the business and manage through this crisis as effectively as possible,” Goodell wrote. “These decisions were difficult and we know these measures will cause hardship for those impacted.

“I believe that furloughs and compensation reductions can be limited, or in time even reversed.”

The league has still been trying to find ways to hold a safe, coronavirus-free season, like other major sports leagues around the world. Goodell, who hosted the NFL’s first virtual draft from the basement of his Westchester, N.Y., home last week, has been optimistic there will be football this season.

Just about every team has already started their virtual offseason programs. One notable exception is the Saints, who simply told players to show up at training camp in shape.


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