New on DVD: Gerard Butler expertly pilots action film ‘Plane’

Tribune Content Agency

An action thriller starring Gerard Butler tops the DVD releases for the week of March 28.

“Plane”: A scrappy commercial airline pilot is forced to make an emergency landing on a hostile island in the Philippines ruled by a separatist militia and must fight his way out with the help of a convicted murderer being transported on the flight.

“The villains of the 2022 holiday season were the airlines, so it’s an apt moment for the Gerard Butler action vehicle ‘Plane’ to take flight,” writes Tribune News Service critic Katie Walsh in her review. “Not to worry though, because Butler’s Brodie isn’t your average airline pilot, he’s an airline pilot who can kill bad guys with his bare hands. Plus, has backup in the form of Mike Colter, and the two actors make a fine, fun and appealingly masculine pair in ‘Plane.'”


“Missing”: A daughter searches for her missing mother in this techno thriller that takes place entirely on a computer screen.

“The Son”: This prequel to director Florian Zeller’s 2020 film “The Father,” for which Anthony Hopkins won an Oscar, is a family drama starring Hugh Jackman as a dad struggling to connect to his teenage son. Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby, Zen McGrath and Hopkins co-star.

“All Quiet on the Western Front”: The new German adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s World War I novel, which debuted on Netflix last year, is released on Blu-ray after recently claiming four Academy Awards, including best international feature.

“Chucky: Season Two”: The friendly neighborhood children’s doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer is back for a second season on Syfy.

“Frozen Planet II”: Chill out in some of the coldest climates imaginable in David Attenborough’s new follow-up to his 2011 nature series.

“Gaslit: The Complete Limited Series”: Sean Penn portrays Nixon Attorney General John Mitchell and Julia Roberts plays Mitchell’s outspoken wife in this Watergate-themed drama from Starz.

“Rick and Morty: The Complete Sixth Season”: Adult Swim’s animated sci-fi comedy returns with fresh adventures featuring the titular mad scientist and his grandson/sidekick.

“The Weapon”: Action thriller in which a mysterious killer activates rampage mode after crossing paths with a Las Vegas crime boss.

“Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham”: DC animated movie that takes place in 1920s Gotham, with David Giuntoli voicing the Dark Knight.

“Chilly Scenes of Winter”: Criterion Blu-ray release of director Joan Micklin Silver’s 1979 film starring John Heard as a lovelorn civil servant reflecting on his affair with a co-worker, played by Mary Beth Hurt.


“Avatar: The Way of Water”: The follow-up to James Cameron’s sensation 13 years in the making, this sequel follows Jake Sully and his Na’vi family as they seek sanctuary in the tropical island paradise of Pandora, and fight against Col. Quaritch, who has come back as an avatar seeking revenge.

“The Quest for Tom Sawyer’s Gold”: Family adventure film in which a group of friends set out in search of a hidden treasure with the help of literary clues from Mark Twain.