Be prepared for what the outdoors throw at your gear with this Patagonia repair kit

Tribune Content Agency

Even if you spend hard-earned money on high-quality outdoor equipment, you’ll inevitably encounter some problems. Tents rip, zippers break and jackets get singed by the campfire. That’s a fact of life in the outdoors, but it doesn’t have to ruin your trip.

The Patagonia Worn Wear Repair Roll serves as a first-aid kit for your gear. It’s an organized place to collect and store all the tools you’ll need to fix equipment should a gear emergency arise while on the trail — or once you get home. From needles and thread to patches and tape, you can create a unique, easy-to-store kit with everything you need in the case of a breakdown. The roll comes with a Worn Wear Field Repair Kit (Including two sewing needles, polyester thread and gear tape) to get you started. It also features a QR code that links to videos showing how to repair that gear and other gear hacks to get you through a malfunction. The roll also features exterior lash points to attach bulkier items to the kit or secure it in a backpack or vehicle. It’s fair-trade certified and made from 100% recycled polyester with a recycled TPU coating — the same fabric used in Patagonia’s Black Hole bags.

Having a first-aid kit for your gear not only can help you in a pinch, but it’s an important reminder to think about what could go wrong and plan accordingly to ensure that your outdoor adventure isn’t spoiled by bad luck.

Price: $49,