What fall? Michael J. Fox recovers from stumble at Philadelphia fan expo with style

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Michael J. Fox lives with Parkinson’s disease, but it seems that won’t get in the way of putting on a show.

Over the weekend, the “Back to the Future” star, 61, appeared at Fan Expo Philadelphia, where he reunited with co-stars Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson to discuss the beloved time travel flick. However, his grand entrance Sunday did not seem to go according to plan.

In a video shared with Page Six, Fox enters the stage to roaring applause from the audience. While making his way over to his seat, he bows to Lloyd. However after a couple of bows, Fox loses his balance, stumbling until he lands on a couch on stage.

Just as fans gasp and groan, the “Good Wife” star jumps back on his feet.

“Wow,” he seems to exclaim as audiences whistle and cheer for his recovery.

People in attendance weren’t the only ones commending Fox after the fall. On Twitter, fans called him a “serious trooper” and a “an inspiration to us all.” TikTokers lauded the star for his “smooth recovery.”

“Who cares if he fell,” one TikTok user said. “He’s a legend.”

Michael J. Fox doesn’t think he’ll live to be 80: ‘Every day it’s tougher’

During the three-day event, Fan Expo attendees showed Fox love in more ways than one. After the panel wrapped on Sunday, fans wished Fox a happy birthday. The “Teen Wolf” star will celebrate his 62nd birthday on Friday.

Led by Philadelphia native Wilson (Biff in the “Back to the Future” films), the crowd also sang “Happy Birthday” to Fox, whose life and battle with Parkinson’s became the subject of the Apple TV+ documentary “Still.”

Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when he was 29. In 2018, the actor underwent a risky spinal surgery to remove a tumor unrelated to Parkinson’s.

“It messed up my walking … and then, started to break stuff,” the Emmy winner told CBS in April about his health after the surgery. “Broke this arm, and I broke this arm, I broke this elbow, I broke my face. I broke my hand.”

Elsewhere in the interview, he told CBS’ Jane Pauley that living with the condition has been “getting tougher.” The difficulty of performing day-to-day actions has caused the actor to think “about the mortality of it.”

“I’m not gonna be 80,” he added. “I’m not gonna be 80.”

Since going public with his Parkinson’s diagnosis in 1998, Fox has landed a variety of television and film roles, including the lead character in “The Michael J. Fox Show.” His most recent credits include “The Good Fight,” “Designated Survivor” and a cameo in the teaser for Lil Nas X’s 2020 “Holiday” music video.