Harvey Weinstein accuser told by investigator to delete texts she wanted to keep private


The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has informed Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys that the lead detective investigating alleged sexual assault allegations against the disgraced Hollywood producer told an accuser to delete texts from her phone before handing it over to authorities.

The new revelation comes as questions have arisen about the handling of the investigation, with the district attorney’s office dropping part of the case against Mr Weinstein after it was discovered the the same detective had allegedly coached another witness.

Mr Weinstein, who has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex or touching, has been accused by dozens of women of sexual misconduct, but is facing an investigation in New York related to three accusations.

The district attorney’s office sent Mr Weinstein’s attorney, Benjamin Brafman, a letter on Tuesday that indicate the office had been contacted by an attorney representing “Complainant 2”. The letter indicated that the woman had been concerned about giving her phone to investigators because it contained personal information.

Detective Nicholas DiGaudio then allegedly told her to “delete anything she did not want anyone to see”, according to the letter. The woman who is one of three who have accused Mr Weinstein of sexual misconduct in the New York investigation, said that she did not delete anything before handing over her phone.