Eat your vegetables! It’s a mantra that every mother impresses upon us since we could walk.

And while most of us might have had some trouble including it in our diet, greens are coming back in a big way with health trends.

Kale, broccoli, sprouts — you name it, it’s in one fad diet or another.

But what’s this… vegetables can be bad for you? Sacrilege! Before you hit us with your yoga mats, hear us out: You’ll want to avoid these vegetables dishes when you’re heading out for a meal.
This perennial dish that appears at nasi padang and zi char stalls is irresistible for a reason — the punchy taste is perfect with rice! But as you bite down on these slender leaves and stalks, you should know vitamins isn’t going to be high on your list.

For every 300g serving, sambal kangkong eats up more than half your day’s fat requirements (30.9g), and almost all of your sodium needs (2.184mg). Why? The vegetable happens to be great in soaking up all the oil (almost double that of Sambal Sotong!) and salt, delivering it straight to your gut. If you must, drain off the excess oil before you have it.