This is how much Apple pays a typical employee — and how that compares to Google, Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft, Box and more


Apple’s typical employee probably makes far less than you think: $55,426 per year.

That’s according to a Jan. 8 filing by the iPhone maker with the Securities and Exchange Commission. For comparison, the median employee at social media giant Facebook makes more than $240,000 per year. At Google parent Alphabet Inc., it’s more than $197,000.

So what gives? Most likely, that median employee at Apple is not somebody writing code or designing iPhones out of a cubicle in Cupertino, but rather a worker at one of the company’s retail stores. While the bulk of Apple’s top talent is based in Silicon Valley and other tech hubs, the vast majority of its global workforce of more than 132,000 employees are retail employees who staff its Apple Stores around the world.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, meanwhile, earns 283 times more than his typical employee, according to the latest filing. He raked in a $12 million performance-based cash bonus in 2018, making up the bulk of the $15.6 million in total compensation he earned last year. That’s about 22 percent higher than his pay the year before. Outside of his bonus, Cook earned a $3 million base salary and got $682,000 in miscellaneous compensation, including $57,000 in vacation payouts, $294,000 in personal flights on private jets and $311,000 for his personal security detail.