How to continue your exercise routine in winter

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Keep hydrated – you may not sweat much as you do in hot weather, but your body still loses fluid through sweat in winter.
Many would say winter is here already because temperatures have dropped, long sleeves and boots are out and electric blankets are being switched on at night.

But according to traditional weather systems, it’s still autumn and winter begins in June. Nevertheless, cooler weather is here and some people are already starting to hibernate.

The South African winter is very mild compared to winters in many parts of the world, but we still struggle to keep up with our physical activity routines when cold weather creeps in.

In Scandinavian countries, where temperatures drop as low as -20°C in winter, people simply dress accordingly and continue their exercise routines. There really is no excuse to hibernate in winter.

There is a general feeling that colder weather “weighs” one down and one becomes sluggish. Here are some tips to make it easier to help you to continue exercising during winter:

• Stock up on warm, but breathable gym clothes. Long tights, long-sleeve tops, buffs and gloves.

• Join a gym or any other fitness facility (if you aren’t a member of one yet). This is one way to beat the cold because training indoors cancels out the cold weather. There are cardio machines, treadmills, bicycles, ellipticals, rowing machines, stair masters, weight machines, free weights and group training classes.

• Try a new activity to help you change your mindset about winter. Take up yoga, pilates or swimming in an indoor heated pool.

• Ditch the lifts and escalators and opt for the stairs at work or shopping centres.