Freak hailstorm buries cars in Mexican city of Guadalajara


A freak hailstorm has hit the Mexican city of Guadalajara, burying cars and swamping streets with around a metre of ice.

Pictures of the city, in the west of the country, show truckers struggling to get into their vehicles and cars submerged up the windscreen.

Sunday’s hailstorm came after several days of warm and dry weather, with temperatures of 32C (90F).

The Mexican army has been helping city workers clear the streets, said Jalisco state governor Enrique Alfaro.

Diggers were also out in force to shift huge chunks of ice.

The hail reached a metre high in some areas, according to local authorities, but the governor tweeted that “most important of all, there is no record of injured people or human losses so far”.

Guadalajara is sometimes hit by severe weather because it is 1,566m (5,100 ft) above sea level, but Governor Alfaro said he had never witnessed such intense hail in the city.