Vincent Lambert: Doctors plan to end life support for Frenchman — family source

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The doctor of Vincent Lambert, a quadriplegic Frenchman who has been in a vegetative state for more than 10 years, informed his family that his life support would be ended on Tuesday, according to Reuters, citing a family source.

His case has both torn apart his family and also been taken to the United Nations.

It came after the Court of Cassation, one of France’s four courts of last resort, on Friday overturned an appeal court ruling to continue treatment.

Lambert suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident in 2008, which left him in a state of complete dependency.

In 2013, his doctors began to stop treatment with the support of his wife.

But his Catholic parents, along with his half brother and sister have been in a legal fight with his wife over the withdrawal of treatment.

On Monday, Lambert’s mother brought her case to the United Nations, seeking diplomatic pressure to keep her son on life support.