Citroen celebrates 100 years

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Thousands of people and cars alike flocked to the La Ferté Vidame in the Centre Val de Loire region this weekend to celebrate Citroen’s 100th anniversary.

In this region steeped in Citroen history, visitors came to see the classics, the unusual and the vintage cars that came from all over the world for the occasion.

The event attracted car fanatics, amateur mechanics, families and people just in love with Citroen models.

Citroen is a French car manufacturer that was founded in 1919 by André-Gustave Citroen. Its cars quickly gained popularity and it established its reputation for innovative technology by mass producing front wheel drives.

It also made the DS, the first mass produced cars with modern brakes. On Sunday the crowds were entertained by a market selling unusual car parts and memorabilia and an exceptional car auction. The celebrations were brought to a close by two musical concerts.