Storm chasers brave 85mph gales over 5,000 mile trip for staggering images

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Storm chasers John Finney and Ashleigh Parker have covered 5000 miles in under two weeks as they race across America’s midwest chasing tornados, twisters and lightning strikes.

And the outlook still looks bright for their romance after the pair met four years ago on a weather watching trip to Texas.

Now John, 48, from Manchester has quit his job as an engineer to become a full-time storm chaser photographing the dramatic sky scenes he sees along the way and Ashleigh, 31, from Canterbury goes along for the long ride.

His latest dramatic weather pictures were taken in Colorado and then on to Oklahoma, and Texas before heading north through Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and finally Montana, covering approximately 5000 miles in 11 days.

Describing their latest chase John said: “As the storm worsened we got caught up with 85mph winds with large damaging hail.

“We managed to escape the worst of it but some of our fellow storm chasers were not so lucky and they lost all of their car windows to the hail and stones that the storm had picked up. We were lucky the storm didn’t drop a tornado.”

Back in the UK, however, storms have been wreaking havoc in Derbyshire, as the threat of bad weather raises fears that the weakened dam at Whaley Bridge could collapse.