Twitter chief Jack Dorsey’s personal account got hacked

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@Jack might want to update his password.

The personal account of Twitter’s chief executive Jack Dorsey was hacked Friday afternoon, reports the Post. The hack resulted in a barrage of bizarre and racist tweets from the Twitter chief — famous for sending out the first ever tweet in March 2006.

All tweets have since been deleted.

At approximately 3:45pm., Dorsey’s account tweeted out “Shoutout Debut, Corey, NuBLoM, Joe, Owen, & Aqua,” apparently the names of a group of hackers calling themselves #ChucklingHella.

The account immediately went on to tweet out the N-word in all caps before adding: “intel is there’s a bomb at Twitter HQ.”

A Twitter account for “Aqua” tweeted: “If I Go Jail I’ll Still Be Chuckling.”

“We’re aware that @jack was compromised and investigating what happened,” Twitter’s press team wrote.

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Just hours later, they confirmed, “The account is now secure, and there is no indication that Twitter’s systems have been compromised.”

They then went on to explain how on earth the Twitter chief’s account got hacked in the first place.

“The phone number associated with the account was compromised due to a security oversight by the mobile provider. This allowed an unauthorised person to compose and send tweets via text message from the phone number. That issue is now resolved.”

Some Twitter users immediately took the opportunity slam the platform’s processes when it comes to hacking and regaining access to your account.