Man falls on tracks in front of train, transit worker saves him. Terrifying video is viral

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Sometimes, all it takes is a few seconds to save someone’s life. In a spine-chilling video, a man fell into the rail tracks just as a train was arriving at the platform. A transit worker at Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) quickly grabbed him and pulled him up and saved his life.

The incident took place at Coliseum station, California, on Sunday, when people were returning after the Oakland Raiders game. The incident was recorded by the surveillance camera at the station. The transit worker was identified as John O’Connor, who was working at the station for crowd control that evening. He was standing close to the man and sprung himself to save him just as the train was approaching.

San Francisco BART (SFBART), posted the video caught on the surveillance camera on Twitter, saying, “Here is the dramatic platform video of our humble hero John O’Connor saving a man’s life at the Coliseum station Sunday night. John is a Transportation Supervisor and has worked at BART for more than 20 years. An amazing rescue.”

Tony Badilla, who was an eye-witness to the terrifying incident, shot a video of the worker and the man hugging after he was saved and posted it on Twitter. He captioned it as “This #BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) worker just saved this man from falling onto the tracks as the train was approaching! Amazing!!”