NYDN: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fire off legal threat

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After a photographer snapped a heavily-circulated image of Meghan Markle walking her dogs in Canada, lawyers representing the Duchess and Prince Harry uncorked a missive to British news outlets warning them to back off, NBC News reported.

The legal drama perhaps suggests the couple’s pullback from the Royal Family won’t spell the end of their long-running beef with the British tabloid media. One tightly cropped image of Markle holding her tot Archie in a harness as she walked the dogs splashed onto the front page of The Sun on Tuesday.

The letter, from media law firm Schillings, warned news outlets of legal action if they run images of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex snapped by pushy paparazzi, according to NBC News.

Markle might have a legal case in Canada if she can prove her privacy has been infringed upon, according to the BBC.

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The terms of Megxit were announced by Buckingham Palace on Saturday, with the Prince, 35, and Markle, 38, agreeing to release their crowning titles. Many have guessed they’ll pick the Great White North as their primary new home.

Prince Harry arrived at the country’s Vancouver Island on Monday.