NYDN Giuliani furious Dems want Bolton but not him

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Rudy Giuliani is feeling left out.

The former New York mayor was upset Tuesday that Democrats are leaving him in the cold while pressing for John Bolton to be called as a witness at President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

“They have indicated in every way possible they are afraid of my physical presence,” Giuliani told the Daily News as part of a string of overnight texts. “They know I know what they are covering up. Why do they want Bolton if not me if they can prove their lies. Again I really should stop wasting my time.”

As Trump’s bulldog personal attorney, Giuliani played a key role in the president’s scheme to pressure Ukraine to announce investigations of Joe Biden and debunked right-wing claims about the 2016 election.

Despite his texts, Giuliani refused to comply with a House Intelligence Committee subpoena for records relating to the Ukraine scheme issued as part of the impeachment inquiry.

But Giuliani claimed Tuesday that the records in question were protected by attorney-client privilege and made a distinction between subpoenas requesting records and ones requesting in-person testimony.

“If they wanted to subpoena me they would have to serve a subpoena in personem not a subpoena ducus tecum,” he said, using Latin legalese. “Do you understand? I’d be impressed?”