Biden slams ‘piece of work’ Trump for ignoring coronavirus experts with Easter ‘raring back’ pledge

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Joe Biden attacked President Donald Trump for suggesting America could be up and running by Easter — a mistake the former vice president warned could cost many lives.

Speaking to CNN from his Delaware home, Biden called on Trump to listen to medical experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, who have said it would be immoral to imperil the health of Americans. Easter for many is April 12, less than three weeks away.

“He should stop talking and start listening to the medical experts,” Biden said, wearing an open-neck shirt and speaking directly into the camera. “You want an economic crisis, watch this spike. Watch the number of dead go up.”

The Democratic presidential front-runner said he spends up to three hours each morning discussing the crisis on the phone with economic and medical experts.

“We all want the economy to open as rapidly as possible,” Biden said. “The way to do that is to take care of the medical side of this immediately.”

CNN host Jake Tapper chided Biden for coughing into his hand — instead of using his elbow as health officials suggest.

“It’s kind of old school,” Biden responded, noting that he was alone in the basement TV studio that has been built for him to do interviews.

Biden called Trump’s response to the crisis “astonishingly slow” and shook his head at the president’s inability to mobilize basic equipment for desperate states such as New York.

He shrugged off a question about progressive rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has so far refused to throw in the towel despite being far behind in the presidential delegate race.

“That’s a decision for him to make, not me,” Biden said confidently.

Biden said he is taking precautions against contracting the coronavirus, including requiring all visitors and aides to wear gloves and masks.

He said he misses hugging his grandchildren, who live nearby in Wilmington, and sometimes walk to his home.

“We will overcome this,” he said, ticking off a laundry list of inspirational acts. “We are seeing the soul of America. I’m so darn proud to be an American.”

Trump has sought to portray himself as a nonpartisan “wartime” figure leading the nation in a time of crisis. But he has continued to snipe at Biden, labeling him “Sleepy Joe” on Tuesday for a second consecutive day even as he has taken a somewhat softer tone toward some other Democrats.

Biden shook his head at Trump’s apparent inability to avoid juvenile insults.

“What a piece of work. What is he doing?” Biden asked. “This is bizarre.”


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