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Rankings for hardcover books sold in Southern California, as reported by selected bookstores:



1. “The Splendid and The Vile,” by Erik Larson (Crown: $32) A portrait of Winston Churchill and his defiance during the Blitz.

2. “Untamed,” by Glennon Doyle (Dial Press: $28) The activist explores the joy and peace when we stop striving to meet the expectations of the world.

3. “The Mamba Mentality,” by Kobe Byrant (MCD: $35) Former Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Byrant describes the skills and techniques he used on the court.

4. “Educated,” by Tara Westover (Random House: $28) A young woman raised without schooling by survivalists describes her path to Cambridge University.

5. “Trick Mirror,” by Jia Tolentino (Random House: $27) Essays on self-deception.

6. “Until the End of Time,” by Brian Greene (Knopf: $30) A new exploration of the cosmos and our quest to understand it from the renowned physicist Brian Greene.

7. “The Big Goodbye,” by Sam Wasson (Flatiron: $28.99) The author’s account of the origins and making of Roman Polanski’s film “Chinatown” and the last years of 1970s Hollywood.

8. “The Maga Doctrine,” by Charlie Kirk (Broadside: $28.99) The movement that brought Donald Trump to the White House.

9. “Catch and Kill,” by Ronan Farrow (Little, Brown: $30) The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter shares his account of how a network of powerful men conspired to silence women.

10. “Recollections of My Nonexistence,” by Rebecca Solnit (Viking: $26) The acclaimed writer chronicles her coming of age as a poor white woman in San Francisco.


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