Family travel five: Virtual vacations at home

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At home with the kids? If we can’t travel to a favorite hotel, resort, restaurant or ranch, we can always pretend. Here are five ways to create a virtual vacation in your own home.


1. Go Camping

Whether you set up a tent in the backyard or the bedroom, with a little imagination you can enjoy all the fun of a real camping trip without spending travel time! Create a campfire using flashlights under a towel or thin blanket. Listen to the sounds of your own backyard or create an alternate sound track featuring birds, waterfalls, streams or trees rustling via a music or meditation app. Tell stories around your campfire, sample s’mores, sing songs and plan for your next adventure.

Pro tip: REI offers advice for introducing kids to the outdoors through camping in your own yard and beyond.


2. Enjoy a Spa Day. (Or Week)

Channel the services of a famous resort spa and pamper yourselves at home.  Give family members the chance to reserve a manicure, masque, foot or head massage, a salt or sugar scrub, a relaxing soak or whichever services your creative minds concoct. Craft a soothing play list via your favorite music app, gather candles and supplies from your own beauty stash, your kitchen and you’re good to go!

Pro tips:


The Arawak Spa, at Belmond Cap Juluca on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, recommends a detoxifying soak to ease the tension of these stressful times.


Arawak Salt Soak



— 1/2 cup salts (Epsom, Pink Himalayan, Sea Salts)

— 1 cup baking soda (softens water)

— Essential oils if available in home (5-10 drops)

— Loose tea leaves


To make:

Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl. If possible, crush or grind the tea leaves to open up natural oils in the plant and allow it to mix well with the salts. Once combined, run a hot bath and add 3 tablespoons of the mixture to the water. Soak in the tub for 15 minutes.


Suggested blends:

Invigorating: peppermint or citrus oil /or tea leaves

Calming: Chamomile tea or oil, green tea loose leaves

Detoxifying: Rosemary Anise or Ginger /oil or tea leaves


The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe suggests this post-winter scrub, which makes use of pine needles reported to be both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.


Alpine Mountain Scrub Recipe:

— 1 cup white sugar

— 1/2 cup coconut oil

— 1/4 cup olive oil

— 2 tablespoons freshly chopped pine needles (optional)

— 12 drops of essential oil (optional)


3. Play Restaurant

Take turns playing Executive Chef and encourage every member of the family to play a role. Plan for various theme nights that might include an island luau, a ranch cook-out, mountain meadow picnic fare, a safari sundowner or a Mexican fiesta. Encourage the kids to make their own menus, placemats and other décor. Choose music to suit the “destination.”


Pro tip: &BEYOND’s Wildchild Hub offers recipes, reading and activities to bring Africa home to your children.


4. Host a Happy Hour

Don’t let social distancing requirements keep you from staying in touch (virtually) with family and friends. Plan a “happy hour” video call and encourage the group to join you in a toast to future family travels.


Pro tip: Serve a kid-friendly mocktail like the one offered by restaurant  ZuZu in Scottsdale, Ariz.’s Hotel Valley Ho.


Tranquil Tonic


4 oz. blood orange juice

6 fresh raspberries

1/2 oz. simple syrup

3 oz. LaCroix grapefruit sparkling water



Combine the blood orange juice (regular orange juice also works well with this recipe if blood oranges are not available), simple syrup and raspberries in a shaker, then muddle. Strain and pour into a glass; top with LaCroix and garnish with an orange slice and a raspberry.


5. Your Fitness Center

Take turns leading a yoga or Pilates class. Choose from a wide variety of exercise classes available online.  Venture out for a fitness walk.  Consider taking the kids on a “bear hunt,” by walking through your neighborhood in search of teddy bears placed in the windows of neighboring homes. The idea of creating window-based scenes using teddy bears and rainbows is spreading around the world. If it hasn’t reached your area, perhaps you and your family can help expand the trend. #BearHunt.


Pro tip: Tara Cruz, senior spa director at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, recommends starting each day with simple stretches, breathing exercises and positive thoughts to stay healthy during challenging times.


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