Dennis Rodman offering a Miami trip as part of the All-In Challenge

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A host of amazing behind-the-scenes stories emerged from “The Last Dance” documentary, but few provided as much entertainment as Dennis Rodman’s midseason vacation to Las Vegas.

In the third episode of ESPN’s 10-part series, Rodman discusses the need to become a model citizen with an injured Scottie Pippen out to start the 1997-98 season. But Rodman was soon itching to get time away from the team and let his colorful hair down. Phil Jackson granted Rodman the chance to do so for 48 hours upon Pippen’s return.

Of course, because this is Rodman, the Las Vegas vacation with Carmen Electra lasted days beyond the deadline, and Michael Jordan later trekked to a Chicago suburb to drag Rodman back to practice. Rodman, a freak of nature in every sense, didn’t skip a beat when he returned to the court.

It’s fitting that Rodman is now offering a vacation to Miami in association with the All-In Challenge, a campaign created by 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin to encourage celebrities to use their star power and influence to benefit those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

DJ Khaled, an entertainer and Miami native, was so inspired by Rubin’s efforts he donated a Jet Ski and dinner experience and became an ambassador for the movement, adding more to a full plate that included a partnership with Direct Relief to help frontline workers and plans to pay an entire year of rent for one lucky family.

Khaled, who has kept an eye on “The Last Dance” while social distancing, said he doesn’t expect Rodman to need help hosting in South Florida.

“Rodman’s got it all locked down,” Khaled said. “Rodman knows Miami very well. Shout out to Rodman. I just got a chance to see him in ‘The Last Dance’ with Michael Jordan. That’s an icon. That’s a legend. It’s beautiful what he’s doing for the All-In Challenge.”

Rodman is one of several sports figures to accept the All-In Challenge. Carmelo Anthony, Mark Cuban, Doc Rivers and Donovan Mitchell, who was one of the first NBA players diagnosed with the coronavirus, have stepped up to help others. In the entertainment world, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Timberlake are involved.

Khaled said he is amazed to see so many of his peers band together to contribute to a positive cause during dark times.

“It’s so beautiful that everyone is unified, and when you unify you show that love is the key and love is the answer,” he said. “It’s also good to inspire other people to be involved and also put smiles on other people’s faces and see their dreams come true. Love and happiness goes a long way, especially in a time like this. … We got to be the light. We’re going to come out of this stronger with God’s protection.”


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