‘Pokemon Go’: June’s Weedle Community Day will be important for Great League players

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Niantic has switched up how it has handled “Pokemon Go” Community Day this year. That began with the company giving players a voice in choosing the pocket monster for the monthly festivity. For February, Rhyhorn won out, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, plans for similar voting measures were put on hold.

The voting initiative returned recently and Weedle and Gastly have been named the stars for June and July, respectively. Although they may not be the sexiest choices, they do have their roles in the “Pokemon Go” ecosystem and they mostly fall into the player-vs-player realm. These Pokemon won’t help trainers if they’re short-manning five-star raids, but when it comes to “Pokemon Go” Battle League, they’re set up to be surprisingly good choices. Let’s focus on June’s pick — Weedle.

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, players will find more Weedles in the wild and they have a strong chance of encounter a shiny version. The fancier version of the Hairy Bug Pokemon isn’t impressive on the first stage of its evolution but as it evolves into Kakuna and finally Beedrill, it ends up with a green hue that stands out. It’s one of the cooler-looking shinies because of the drastic palette change.

Players have until 7 p.m. local time to evolve their Weedle into a Beedrill and gain the exclusive move for the day Drill Run. This one move makes Beedrill, a fantastic addition to any Great League team. Drill Run Beedrill can beat Registeel and Azumarill in several scenarios. Those two Pokemon dominate this division of Go Battle League and Beedrill has the opportunity to upend the meta, otherwise known as the state of the game, according to GamePress. The best stats for a PvP Beedrill is 0 attack, 13 defense and 14 stamina, PvPoke.com said, but in general, it’s best to keep the ones with 0 attack when it comes to Great League.

For those who have hunted during previous stay-at-home editions of Community Days, players will encounter many of the same activities. Taking snapshots will most likely have Weedle photobombing players and it will spawn the hairy bug Pokemon nearby. In addition, players can purchase Community Day bundle which I highly recommend because it contains an Elite Charged TM, which is important in PvP. The other parts package — 30 Ultra Balls, 3 Star Pieces and 3 Incense — are good but mainly pick it up for the Elite TM that will give players access to exclusive moves.

The bonuses for the June Community Day are great with triple catch stardust. If players piggyback the bonus on top of the star piece, they’ll likely get 600 stardust for each catch. That’s a boon for players planning to compete in Master League. Incense will last three hours allowing people who are following stay-at-home orders to play and Buddy Pokemon and great level or higher will bring players gifts in the form of more Poke Balls.


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