News Quiz: France protests; Putin’s Ukraine visit

Tribune Content Agency

1. Protesters in France have taken to the streets to demonstrate against what?

A. The construction of a nuclear plant

B. Government corruption

C. Raising the retirement age

D. Changes in immigration policy

2. Which of these did Russian President Vladimir Putin NOT visit in an unannounced trip to Ukraine?

A. Mariupol

B. Crimea

C. Rostov-on-Don

D. Kyiv

3. UBS agreed to buy which bank?

A. Credit Suisse

B. Deutsche Bank

C. Republic Bank

D. Wells Fargo

4. What did a Russian fighter jet collide with last week?

A. Another fighter jet

B. Surveillance drone

C. Aircraft carrier

D. Flock of birds

5. Which No. 1 seeds have been knocked out of the NCAA men’s tournament?

A. Kansas Jayhawks and Purdue Boilermakers

B. Houston Cougars and Alabama Crimson Tide

C. Houston Cougars and Kansas Jayhawks

D. Alabama Crimson Tide and Purdue Boilermakers



1. C

2. D

3. A

4. B

5. A