News Quiz: Debt limit; DeSantis

Tribune Content Agency

1. What is the deadline for the United States to raise the debt limit in order to avert default?

A. June 3

B. June 5

C. June 10

D. June 15

2. As reported by Bloomberg, which of the following statements about COVID-19 is true as vaccine rates fall?

A. COVID-19 is no longer a threat to any individual’s health or safety

B. Outdoor COVID-19 transmission is impossible

C. A and B

D. COVID-19 is still killing at least one person every four minutes

3. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis launched his presidential campaign via an announcement that crashed repeatedly on which platform?

A. 4chan

B. TikTok

C. Twitter

D. Facebook

4. Multiple people were missing after a downtown apartment building collapsed in which Iowa city?

A. Davenport

B. Des Moines

C. Cedar Rapids

D. Waterloo

5. HBO’s “Succession” has come to a close after four seasons. Which character was ultimately given the coveted Waystar Royco CEO position?

A. Kendall

B. Roman

C. Shiv

D. Tom



1. B

2. D

3. C

4. A

5. D