Facebook owner Meta will chop 1,100-plus additional Bay Area jobs

Tribune Content Agency

MENLO PARK, California — Facebook app owner Meta Platforms has revealed plans to chop at least 1,100 more Bay Area jobs, a disquieting series of layoffs that are poised to deal a fresh jolt to the region’s wobbly tech sector.

The new layoffs affect Meta employees in Menlo Park, San Francisco, Sunnyvale and Fremont, according to official notices that the company sent to state and local government officials.

With these latest job cuts, Meta Platforms has chopped well over 5,100 jobs in the Bay Area through staffing reductions that occurred during 2022 and so far in 2023, according to this news organization’s review of numerous WARN notices on file with the state Employment Development Department.

Meta Platforms intends to undertake the latest round of terminations by sometime around July 28 of this year, the WARN notices stated.

Here is where the latest Meta Platforms job cuts are slated to occur and how many employees are being affected in each city, according to details contained in the WARN letters:

—Menlo Park, 528 job cuts

—San Francisco, 311 layoffs

—Sunnyvale, 169 staff reductions

—Fremont, 117 job cuts

An estimated 1,125 Meta Platforms employees in the Bay Area are slated to lose their jobs as a result of the latest round of staffing reductions.

These layoffs are believed to be part of a second round of worldwide staffing reductions that Meta Platforms had foreshadowed in a blog post earlier this year.

The two major layoff announcements by Meta Platforms has resulted in three publicly disclosed rounds of employment reductions in the Bay Area. All three rounds of layoffs were slated to occur this year. Some have taken place while others are scheduled to transpire.

Meta Platforms has now sketched out decisions to terminate 5,195 Bay Area jobs as a result of the three waves of WARN filings with the EDD, a review of the reports shows.