Answer Angel: Shoe solutions for slippery feet

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have a new pair of sandals that I like. But the foot bed (not the sole) is so slippery my foot slips in and out. Do you have a suggestion?

— Nancy T.

Dear Nancy: This is the easiest and cheapest solution: hair spray on the sole of your foot and/or on the bed of your sandal. Buy a small travel size at the drugstore to try it out if you don’t already have some. There’s also a double-sided tape designed for this purpose (, Sticky Shoes, $15.95 for 10).

Another option is the metatarsal foot pad. These are marketed primarily to relieve pressure on the ball of the foot in high heels, but some brands claim they prevent slippage and work on sandals. Take a look at these from Kiwi Smiling Feet anti-slip pads (1 pair, $12.86); Beautulip Metatarsal Anti-Sliding Pads for Open Toe Shoes (3 pairs, $12.99); Olukssck reusable metatarsal pads (4 pairs, $9.99). Readers, please let me know if you’ve got other ideas that could work for Nancy.

With sunny days ahead, here’s two sunscreen-related questions…

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: It is that time of year again when we have to wear a moisturizer with SPF out in the sun. I have tried so many and they are ALL greasy, and some stay white on the skin. I am looking for any and all suggestions on a product that is 40-to-50 SPF, broad-spectrum with UVA/UVB protection, that isn’t shiny and greasy and blends/soaks into the skin. If anyone can suggest something they have used and love, would be so appreciative. Also, not too pricey!

— Cindi B.

Dear Cindi: Like you, I am always on the hunt for the well-priced, perfect sunscreen that’s not greasy, not white-ish, not gloppy UVA/UVB 50. My dermatologist recommended elta MD Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 facial sunscreen. I’m a big fan. I like the lightly tinted one, which I use year-round instead of makeup. It comes in untinted too for face and body, SPF 50+, but it’s expensive for slathering on the whole body so I haven’t tried that one (,, $34 and up for 3 ounces). Read the next answer for more options.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I am looking for a body moisturizer that contains sunscreen. I love CeraVe daily face moisturizer, which contains a sunscreen and is very light. I would like to find something similar that I can put on right out of the shower that will protect my skin. Any thoughts?

— Judy B.

Dear Judy: Since you’re already a fan of CeraVe products (so am I), you’ll be happy to learn they also make sunscreen body lotion and dual face/body sunscreen. Drugstores, Target, Walmart and Amazon all stock it. Look for CeraVe Hydrating SPF 50 body lotion (, $13.15) and Hydrating Sheer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 for face and body (, $20.49). I haven’t tried the ones for the body, but I’m going to.

Reader Rant

Devora E. writes: “Most clothes have tags at the neckline. Some have ink-imprinted tags fused right on the fabric, but some use a printing process on the fused tags that scratch and irritate and that seem to be made of plastic. Attached fabric tags can be cut out. The harsh “plastic” fused ones cannot be removed. I have tried scraping, scrubbing and Shout. I have even tried adhesive remover formulas. The plastic (if it is plastic) cannot be removed. I have thrown away a nice shirt and cut a hole in a pajama top to get rid of it. I have Jockey underpants that have that irritating tag right at my waist so I wear the pants inside-out. I can’t wear a shirt inside-out! Hope you have some clout with manufacturers.”