Colorado authorities looking into elder abuse allegations involving actor John Amos

Tribune Content Agency

DENVER — Colorado authorities on Friday confirmed they’re looking into allegations of elder abuse involving actor John Amos.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is looking into the matter, along with the sheriff in Custer County, where Amos has owned a home northeast of Westcliffe.

“The Custer County Sheriff’s Office is the lead on it. We are just assisting them. It is an open investigation right now,” CBI spokeswoman Lisa Kohlbrenner said Friday morning. She said the bureau’s assistance was requested on May 15.

Custer County in a news release confirmed they received reports that Amos could have been the victim of a crime.

“We are thoroughly investigating that allegation and have consulted with our partners at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and Department of Human Services,” the release stated. “We have also been in contact with Mr. Amos and his attorney.”

Officials declined to include more information in the release, noting the investigation is ongoing, but the release confirmed that Amos’ publicist confirmed the 83-year-old actor is a patient in a Tennessee hospital.

A daughter went public with accusations that he was the victim of abuse but Amos reportedly has rejected this, according to the Daily Mail. A prolific actor who starred in “American Dad” and “Good Times,” Amos has been registered as an unaffiliated voter in Colorado since 2018.