Oovvuu for broadcasters

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A billion people are watching news video every day worldwide, but only seven per cent of news articles feature video today. That means 93 of every 100 news consumers are unsatisfied.

The reason is that publishers are struggling to create enough video to satisfy the ballooning public demand, and they need your help.

Oovvuu was created to give broadcasters a seamless and instant syndication method to get news feeds and factual long form content to publishers in the blink of an eye.

More than 70 global broadcasters already use Oovvuu every day to embed tens of thousands of videos in publishers all over the world. Our customers include The BBC, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Associated Press, ITN, AFP and many more.

Oovvuu’s solution, called Compass, reads articles, watches videos and matches them together.


We have made simple for you to use.

Just add your current news or other video feed to Compass, and once received, it will be available to publishers worldwide.

We grew out of the broadcast industry, so we are sensitive to the complexities of rights. Compass will only deliver your video to publishers and geographies you have approved.

And because every broadcaster and publisher has been hand-picked by our editorial team, you do not run the same brand safety risks of sharing your video on YouTube or Facebook.

For a demo or for more information, drop us a line.