Oovvuu for publishers

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Oovvuu  is social in mission and cutting-edge tech in execution.

We aim to:

  • Put a contextually relevant video in every article in the world
  • Tell trusted news to a billion people for free, and
  • Repatriate $20 billion in ad revenue from Facebook and Google back to the publishers and broadcasters who report the world to keep us safe.

The process begins with a simple integration into your CMS. We add a single line of code which then returns the video that is most relevant to your article. This is done through our recommendation tool called Compass.

Your reporter can then embed the recommended video into the article in a single click, or scan through other videos in the catalogue to find one they prefer and publish that.

The entire process takes less than a second and has the effect of embedding more videos in more articles more quickly.

Compass will also analyse all your own videos too, and will recommend your videos first. This means the videos you have invested time and effort in making can be used quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

The outcome is more videos, in more articles, more quickly.


The time is right for publishers to expand their video offering.

  • A billion people are watching news video every day and they want more.
  • Publishers have the demand but often lack enough video to meet it. Only seven per cent of articles worldwide have video in them today.
  • Yet broadcasters like The BBC, Bloomberg, Associated Press and Reuters have the video publishers need, but until Compass lacked a smart instant distribution tool.
  • Now advertisers, let down by Facebook and Google, are seeking  brand safe video being watched by engaged audiences in trusted media brands at scale.

Oovvuu solves the problem for publishers, broadcasters, the public and advertisers alike.

For a trial or to find out more, contact us.