Woman suffers two years of extreme vomiting all caused by her daily cups of tea

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Antonia Terrell loved her morning mug of tea and never suspected it could be causing her extreme vomiting.

For two years the 28-year-old suffered from nausea and was “violently sick” at least twice a day.

Antonia, from south west London, went to her GP for help when she could find no explanation for her extreme symptoms.

But her doctor was unable to pinpoint the cause and the investment banker’s nightmare went on.

A simple blood test discovered why Antonia was feeling so ill – she had an intolerance to milk and her beloved cups of extremely milky tea that were making her life a misery.

She said: “I was literally feeling sick all the time. And it got worse and worse and worse until I was being sick most days.

“It slowly crept up on me over a number of months. It would make going to work really difficult as I was always feeling or being sick.

“And I’d get into work, drink my tea – which had lots of milk in it – and I’d think to myself, ‘Urgh, I can’t believe I’m already feeling sick and all I’ve had is a tea with milk’.”

It wasn’t just Antonia’s health that suffered, her personal life was also affected as she couldn’t face socialising.

After visiting her GP, Antonia was advised to try and ‘elimination diet’, where certain food groups are removed from her menu to try and monitor symptoms and find a trigger.